• Born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England many, many years ago Terry’s affinity for art was spotted at a very early age when his talent for decorating walls with any available medium shone through.

    He was strongly left handed and mutterings about the ‘Devil’s Hand’ were whispered amongst  elderly aunts and uncles. ‘Mark my words, nothing good will come of this’ they remarked.

    He moved onto paper much to most peoples delight, particularly his parents. In his early teens he did his first mural which was received with wide acclaim by fellow students at Longlevens Comprehensive School, Gloucester. Sadly the mural was in the boys toilets and depicted most of the teachers in amusing poses – those were the good old days of the cane and the headmaster administered his appreciation of the artwork. The first clear signs of Tel’s talent for caricature were really evident in that mural – unfortunately  the janitor wasn’t an aficionado of art and destroyed the masterpiece. The old school is now Gloucester Art College – how ironic.

    He finished his schooling at the Forces Secondary School at Khormaksar, Aden, South Yemen ( the locals liked shooting at us he remembers – some things really never change in the Middle East !) and Chippenham Tech College, Wiltshire. Received a scholarship to Bath Art College but deferred it and instead attended Agricultural College. Various jobs followed and in 1974 he left the ‘old dart’ for a working trip to Australia. It turned into a long trip, he never went back – another bloody Pom !

    Two years were spent working with the Agriculture Protection Board spraying Mesquite and Parkinsonia on Stations in the North West with some dreadful chemicals that are all now banned – hunting skeleton weed in the wheatbelt and 1080’ing bunnies etc. All part of life’s rich tapestry.

    A year was spent as permanent nightshift looking after 200,000 chooks on a Forrestfield farm – waving them off at 9 weeks of age on their last journey to KFC, Red Rooster et al !!!  ….. Finger lickin’ good …….

  • Terry then decided to join the West Australian Police, no great burning desire to be a Police Officer. A couple of years service would look good on the CV he thought !! Suburban and country station work followed, the odd smack in the mouth was received and he had the pleasure of working with some of the best people he’d ever met. Eventually life turned full circle and he became the first full time Police Artist in the WAPOL. After 31 years service he retired.

    Throughout his life Terry has drawn and painted many things but has always had a strong affinity for caricature. Workmates and bosses were always handy targets.

    He has been producing caricatures, in many mediums, for more than 30 years and his works adorn thousands of homes and businesses. Terry’s wonderfully rendered, realistic style of caricature is very distinct from the quick cartoony type that abound. He has totally embraced digital creation (though they all start as a pencil sketch !) and its vastly increased versatility over traditional methods, particularly in producing a stunning quality that is very difficult to emulate, at a reasonable price. He’s determined, though, to one day persevere with those acrylics and oils in the cupboard. His works are quickly gaining international recognition and he has had several overseas commissions.

    He is one of only five Australian members of the International Association of Caricature Artists (ISCA) an organisation of 600 of the worlds best caricature artists. He is also a member of the Australian Cartoonists Association, the ACA, the world’s oldest cartoonist organisation formed back in 1924.

    He lives in Helena Valley in the foothills East of Perth with his wife Nola, several ‘Staffies’, and does caricatures when the gardening, golf and house husband duties permit.